On this page you will find links to more than 100 short science videos made by Irish Primary and Secondary school students for the ReelLIFE SCIENCE video competition. The videos are organised under various themes, broadly reflecting the Science curriculum, and may be useful for teachers and students as a teaching and learning resource, or just somewhere you can watch cool videos made by Ireland’s brightest young science filmmakers!


Science Heroes and The Power of Science

Featuring Marie Curie, Alexander Fleming, Lise Meitner, and lots of fun science experiments for the classroom!


RLS Poster Image 2015

Energy, Forces, Physics and Space

Covering topics like Science in Space, Light, Gravity, Special Relativity, The Science of Golf, and much more…


Filming a nature hunt

Habitats and The Environment

Covering topics like Science in the Garden, Our Marine World and The Soil is Alive!


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Our Healthy Bodies

Covering a huge range of topics from Medicines, Keeping Healthy, The Food we Eat, Cells, The Digestive System, Vision, Evolution and much, much more!