Alcohol Consumption: Does The Apple Fall Far From The Tree?

In the first of our series of Research Articles for 2015, BT Young Scientist and Technologists of the Year, Ian O’Sullivan and Eimear Murphy, from Colaiste Treasa in Kanturk Co. Cork, tell us about their award-winning research. They examined the influence a parent’s drinking and behaviour towards alcohol can have on their children’s drinking habits.

Alcohol Consumption: Does The Apple Fall Far From The Tree?

Apple TreeEarlier this year we won the BT Young Scientist Competition with this project on the effect that parents can have on their teenagers through their own drinking and their attitudes towards alcohol. We are in fifth year in Colaiste Treasa, Kanturk, Co. Cork. Here is a description of how we did the project and our results.

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Meet our Very Special Guest Judges for 2015

We are delighted to be able to announce a very prestigious panel of Guest Judges who will decide on the overall winners for this year’s competition, funded by the Science Foundation Ireland Discover programme and CÚRAM.

Date: 03-14-12 Location: NBL Subject: Expedition 35 (Soyuz 33S) crew members Tom Marshburn and Chris Hadfield during EVA training at the NBL. Photographer: James Blair
Canadian Astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield (Photo courtesy Chris Hadfield Inc. Photographer: James Blair, NASA)

Between 1995 and 2013, Canadian Astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield, flew on three different space missions, becoming the first Canadian to walk in space, the first Canadian to command the International Space Station and a bona fide internet sensation. Chris is also a passionate science communicator and we are over the moon that he will be part of this year’s ReelLIFE SCIENCE team!

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