Meet Max, your ‘ReelLIFE SCIENCE @ HOME’ Winner!

Max Kamalarajah
Max Kamalarajah, Year 10 Student from Wallace High School

After receiving 40% of the 1,400 votes cast in our week-long Twitter poll, the winner of ‘ReelLIFE SCIENCE @ HOME’ is Year 10 student MAX KAMALARAJAH, who wins €1000 for Wallace High School in Lisburn, Co. Antrim.

In his video, Max used his kitchen sink and food from his cupboards to create a memorable demonstration of how the body recruits cells and proteins during Blood Clotting. The ReelLIFE SCIENCE team noted how this “really creative use of everyday items to explain a complicated situation captured the ‘at home’ aspect of ReelLIFE SCIENCE @ HOME” and described it as a “fantastic and novel depiction of the science of coagulation that certainly supported learning in an engaging and accessible way.”

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ReelLIFE SCIENCE @ HOME Finalists Announced – time for YOU to vote!

3 FinalistsThe finalists of ‘ReelLIFE SCIENCE @ HOME 2020’ are today announced as WILLIAM STOKES, representing Baltydaniel NS (Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork), ENYA O’REILLY HUERTA, representing Naas Community College (Naas, Co. Kildare) and MAX KAMALARAJAH, representing Wallace High School (Lisburn, Co. Antrim).

From a total entry of 133 videos, made by hundreds of young science communicators representing 80 primary schools, secondary schools and youth groups around Ireland, these three videos were judged to be the best by a volunteer panel of 40 NUI Galway scientists and science students, based on their scientific content, production values and x-factor. Continue reading “ReelLIFE SCIENCE @ HOME Finalists Announced – time for YOU to vote!”

ReelLIFE SCIENCE 2019 Winners Announced at Galway Science and Technology Festival!

RLS19 Winners
ReelLIFE SCIENCE Winners 2019 (l-r: Baltydaniel NS, Holy Family School for the Deaf, Rosses NYP. Photo credit: Aengus McMahon)

The winners of ReelLIFE SCIENCE 2019 were announced at the 22nd Galway Science and Technology Festival in NUI Galway as BALTYDANIEL NS from Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork at primary school level, HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF from Cabra, Dublin 7 at secondary school level, and ROSSES NEIGHBOURHOOD YOUTH PROJECT from The Rosses, Co. Donegal at Community Level.

Winning videos were selected from a total of 191 entries made by over 1,300 participants in 77 schools and community groups around Ireland, by a panel of judges including geneticist, author and BBC presenter Dr. Adam Rutherford, BT Young Scientist and SciFest winner Adam Kelly and meteorologist and RTE weather forecaster Joanna Donnelly, who was on hand to present the prizes, along with Science Foundation Ireland Head of Education and Public Engagement Margie McCarthy. Continue reading “ReelLIFE SCIENCE 2019 Winners Announced at Galway Science and Technology Festival!”