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Cell EXPLORERS is the NUI Galway School of Natural Sciences’ hands-on programme of discovery of molecular and cellular biology, promoting biological and biomedical sciences to the general public. The programme proposes school visits and interactive workshops and has so far reached 700 children, parents and teachers. The team is made of volunteer scientists at different stages of their careers and currently includes 26 undergraduates, 5 postgrads and 6 researchers.

NUI Galway Science Experience Summer Event participants
NUI Galway Science Experience Summer Event participants

Last week, Cell EXPLORERS presented some of the model organisms used by School of Natural Sciences researchers, including E. coli, Baker’s yeast, Hydractinia, P. patens, Arabidopsis, Zebrafish, and HeLa cells,  to the Science Experience Summer Event participants!

You can follow Cell EXPLORERS activities on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cellexplorers

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